Saturday, June 25, 2011

Baseball Season

E12 played baseball again this season in the majors league. He had a great season. The team finished in second place after a tough played game on Thursday evening. Games were Tuesday and Thursday nights and sometimes they were held in the next town. Which we called stinky field because it was adjacent to the village sewage treatment plant. Usually games are played a few blocks away at the school fields, but we only had two teams this year and they wanted to mix things up.

E12 typically played right or left field (more often left) and third base. Last year he played mostly short stop. In the championship game last week, E12 ran a guy down to tag him out before he slid into home! It was spectacular to watch- the catcher sent him the ball and the runner took off for home so E12 chased him DOWN. Got him!

While E12 plays ball, we entertain ourselves. On this night we had Nerf guns and watercolors. Of course!

I washed some pages with color. I'm using this little bitty journal for the One Thousand Gifts project.

R11 works with plain watercolor and watercolor pencils.

Then she watered over all the pages where she'd used water color pencils. Here you might notice she always prefers brushes only. E12 likes the detail you can provide with the pencils before you brush it with water.
This brings to a close E12's athletic career in the youth program. NY State Law does not allow homeschoolers to play school sports. Bummer. He had a great run in both soccer and baseball and he is looking forward to falconry starting this fall. Update coming soon!


Shonda said...

Oh oh oh! My 15dd wants to do falconry! She is really interested in it!

Shonda said...

Heather, can you delete the comment I accidently did on my dd's account? I can't get her password to work right and she is gone this week! :)

Heather said...

There you go Shonda!

I will share the details of our falconry adventure soon.