Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Birthday I9!

June 7, 2002 I9, our second son was born. It was a scheduled event and a lovely morning. We welcomed our little man into the world! He lives up to his namesake and makes us smile everyday.

I9 loves all things boy and adventure! He reads like crazy and is a lucky guy because his older siblings let him in on all the great adventures to read. Though he loves a great adventure, he is also a very cautious fellow and is generally not a risk taker. You know you are in safe hands with I9!

He is our leftie and always comes at life from a slightly different angle- which makes things lots of fun. He is sometimes quirky and doesn't quite roll with the punches like some kids do. Starting out apraxic and moving to being a star reader and speaker is pretty big for him! He did a fantastic oral presentation on making pizza in February even though half of what he needed was left behind that night! We are proud of him for keeping his cool- even when the dough stuck to his hands. He braves the orthodontic face mask nightly which we didn't think would go so well, but it has! And that makes his smile even sweeter!

I9 is quite good at video games which we joke was a gift passed down from his father- a gaming child of the 80s! Today he is very excited to try out his new Nerf Wii game. 

I9 is cheerful and has a heart of gold. He is a sweet boy with a big heart and is probably our child who is the most thankful of all.

I9 we love you!


Tracey said...

I9 sounds like a fantastic young man! Happy birthday I9.

Shonda said...

Aww! Happy birthday! I loved hearing about your sweet guy!

pinkim said...

Happy Birthday I9! Love Aunt Kim