Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Few Additions...

By popular demand, I added a few features to the Connect section of the right hand sidebar. Now you'll be able to:
  • subscribe to get my blog on a reader through the RSS feed- I think this has always been available (either posts or comments), but now there's a bigger icon.
  • search my blog- google members see a search field in the navigation bar at the top which is what I always use, but a few people have asked and I went ahead and put an official search widget there. Enjoy!
  • subscribe by email! Thus far I have used the blogger feature, but I have to sign you up and I can only do that with ten people. A few readers emailed to ask and I signed them up. However, now it's available to everyone using the Feedburner service. I hope this will be helpful. I'm just starting to experience the convenience of having my most favorite blogs update me via email. Maybe this will work for you all as well.
I'm happy to provide those features to my readers and I apologize it has taken so long. Blogger has added a bunch of new widgets since I set my blog up four years ago so some of these things have not always been available. I confess openly that I have no real knowledge of html, so I do what I can. The last time I tried to sign up with Feedburner I got super confused though that was probably two years ago now and today it seemed easy! See how far I've come?

I hope these services will make things easier for my much appreciated readers. I should add I'm not a Facebooker or a Twitter user so if you are missing those icons...that's why! I hope you'll continue to use the reader or email feature to keep up with me. I have just one outlet! I know...I'm sorta old school that way.

Happy Reading!


Toodlebugz said...

I'm with ya on the limited media outlet's. I can barely manage a blog, & do it pretty poorly at that, much less "friends" on facebook.;o) So happy for the search bar. Sometimes you mention some new cool book and then a few week's later I cannot remember which post I read it in. Hope your birthday week has been fun!

Tracey said...

Great news Heather, and you know I am not on facebook or twitter either. We may be the only 2! LOL!

Tracey said...

I just signed up. Looks good!

Heather said...

Thanks you guys!

Tracey I think we are definitely among the few.

Although, I do have a FB informant named CindyK!


Tracey said...

I would have never thought CindyK would be on facebook.

Heather said...

Yeah man she so is Tracey! And she gives me all the news of people we both know. haha