Sunday, June 19, 2011

Art Journal

Part of R11's birthday present from us was a whole gathering of art books. She loves to craft and create and had asked for materials and books. As I was thinking of what to get her, I realized she has a lot of crafty books for girls and I thought it might be fun for her to branch out and have fun with collage, mixed media, and watercolor. I found a bunch of great books and settled on these three.

Very fun book with a video tutorial- this is meant to be a life journal sort of thing and gives ideas for prompts. I could do without the angst filled sort of topics, but it's ok. She pretty much ignores those.

Fabulous book! Teaches some watercolor techniques we can perfect and has been a lot of fun to page through. R11 loves watercolor and I thought this would be fun for her to read and try on her own.

Last year R11 took a collage class at our homeschool co-op and she LOVES to work with doodads on the page. I thought this book (and there are dozens like it) might be inspiring to her.

We added this to the pile so she'd have something to work in for an art journal. I wanted to make sure it could handle wet media. This is 9 x 12, but they make an 11 x 14 size that was very tempting!

A glimpse at her start- some stamping and leaf printing

So far, this has been a fantastic hit. She takes the journal a lot of places and adds to it often and she even puts the date on the page! With her sewing journal that has not always been so successful. I have some other entries to share at this point which she has given me permission to do. We did some watercolor that will be fun for you all to see. So, stay tuned!

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