Friday, June 17, 2011

Flower Pressing

While out and about in our thrift travels we found this Klutz book from 2003- Squashing Flowers Squeezing Leaves. I think we picked it up at the consignment store and not the library booksale and it's quite a find!

The directions for flower pressing- which she also tried last year using instructions from her American Girl's Handy Book- a total treasure of a book if you can find one!
Newspaper at the ready and the flowers will go between the cardboard that comes with the book- she rubberbanded it and switched out the paper after five days.

I knew R11 would enjoy this book for her birthday- she's already been trying some things out.

R11 loves to make things with nature items and we'll see how these first flowers turn out. She received a mixed media art journal for her birthday which I'll be sharing more about very soon. She's already done some nature printing in there. A lot of her gifts are worth a post of their own to share what she's been up to with them. We are in full summer schedule here and I'll be sharing about that as well.

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Sharla said...

We really enjoy the flower squashing book too.