Monday, April 26, 2010

Art Strips- at Last!

As part of the art center that Dan built for R9 last summer for her birthday, we finally finished putting up the art strips. I painted them with acrylic craft paint and even added a layer of glitter bling. Click for the close up. Now whatever she creates at her art desk, she can proudly display. And there's room for plenty.

A glimpse of the surface. Sometimes this gets out of control and I have her clean it. I have her well conditioned to the fact that if she doesn't make it beautiful, I will come in and do it. Highly motivating for her. She has some of her craft books in the corner standing up. Her markers are always there. Sometimes she even has to scrub glue off the surface and she does it pretty well. That little ribbon board I made as a MOPS craft one time. She likes to put her fashion drawings there. Notice the analog clock on the wall. She loves that thing.

A close up R9's fashions. She appears to be into the swirly skirt right now. And many, many patterns. I hear last week at her creative sew class that she fiddled with making a doll dress on a dress form. I bet she was in heaven! This reminds of the story The Hundred Dresses- a great read if you haven't seen it. I have multiple resources to study it sometime.

Some art found its way to a clip. Outstanding. Do you see her concentric circles painting- acrylic on canvas? She did that two years ago. Someday it would be fun to frame that piece of art. I bought the canvas in a pair so she has one more to make beautiful. I'll have to think on that. I see her hand sewing workbox is on her desk as well. She's working on a Bugga Bugs set.

Here is a sample collage from her co-op class called, Mixed Media Collage. This class involves lots of glue and filling up space with stuff. She absolutely adores this class. We had just the place for it above her light switch remote.
While I'm at it, I'll give a tour of the rest of the room- R9 has gutters too. Just two small ones next to her bed. She might have her own room, but she shares it with some American Girl company.

Her dollhouse is at the end of her bed. Polly Pockets currently reside here and there appears to be a pile up on the second floor. Notice my mom takes a super flower picture. My favorites are those black-eyed susans on the bottom. What can I say...I'm a Maryland girl at heart (MD state flower).

And behind the door we have the American Girl stash. Don't ask me why all the clothes are balled up in that pocket on the bottom of the holder. Wouldn't they look more elegant on the hangers? That pocket is not well behaved even when it's not full of stuff.
A vision complete. At long last. One month short of her next birthday! But who's counting?

This itty bitty room is 8' x 10'. Just right for a girl and her art and her doll friends. And as long as she keeps her floor clean and her bed made, you can get in the room!

Small spaces are my specialty.

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