Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our Boys' Room

So, we finally got around to putting up the art strips in the kids' rooms today. They were part of R9's birthday gift- last June. Dan had prepared the strips and I had bought the clips. But he never painted them. So, I finally stepped in with my craft paints and went to town. Then Dan devised a way of putting the clips on the thin strips and getting them fastened to the wall. Today was hang up day. Woohoo!

Even though it was R9's gift, I didn't want the boys left out. They love to hang their works of art too. So, we had enough leftover to make some short strips for two boys. E11 has a magnet board at his disposal as you will see. You will also see that a short strip is all we had room for!

J4's art strip. It'll be fun to see his favorites there.

I7's art strip above his head on his bottom bunk. Take note of the edge of his gutter shelf on the wall next to him.

E11's lair is his top bunk. Notice the magnet board which is currently sporting lego Star Wars kits and his VT parking sign. You might notice the smudgy stuff on the walls- that is actually their names on the wall near their beds.

This is the other half of the room opposite the beds. My mom does a really nice job at nature photography so those grace our walls all the time. Though Mom and Dad, there is always room for the BALD EAGLE pictures...hint. hint. The dresser was our baby changing dresser for all the kids and now it is the LEGO model display surface. There's more gutters. The Pooh cross stitch in the middle I made for E11 while I was pregnant with him. I took Tigger down, but the only thing that can replace him now is a BALD EAGLE hint...hint...
This room has been undergoing upgrades. We put the yellow sticker border up and some sports stickers on top to replace the old border which you can see a peek of next to the little bed up top. It was a sponged blue edge and alphabet block stamps that I did when we moved in ten years ago.

The alphabet curtains are about to go. I am making space valences with the liner. Since the background is black, they will be shorter. I like lots of light!

Their new ceiling fan is space themed believe it or not and we already have stars and planets on the ceiling to match- glow in the dark. This fan rocks. It's got black blades with rockets and stars on it and the light globe in the middle is painted like the planet earth from space.

It's an eclectic ensemble, but it represents three boys in the same room! This room by the way is about 9' x 12'. I'm all for the triple decker bunk bed when J4 outgrows his toddler bed. Dan...not so much.

Oh...and pardon the unmade beds! And that stuff under the bed is capable of looking neater- there are lots of labeled bins...just not this time. Or most times. You caught me.


km said...

My crib matched your diaper changing station. I still have the small dresser with attached hutch in my daughters room. That was so fun to see. Could you show a close up of how you (your hubby) attached the clips to the strips.

Heather said...

Sure I'll try to get you an explanation. He used some special hardware.

We had the wedgewood blue topped crib as well. We gave it to missionary friends so it is now a world traveling crib which has safely serviced five children so far. : ) We had a second crib since our first two were close. So, the crib that matches this set only slept two of our four kids.