Sunday, May 15, 2011

To continue briefly with our spoils from the library book sale last weekend. I bring you the following:

The much acclaimed More-with-Less Cookbook...a very well used copy. But it's better than waiting on a 200 some waiting list at PaperBackSwap or buying it new!

Vietnam Fried Rice is a family favorite it at our house. I've borrowed this one from the library so many times, they ought to just let me have it! Instead, I have this worn copy all for myself.

I hit the jackpot on Janice VanCleave science books! At a dollar each, we will have plenty of science fun with these.

I have some things in my with the Quilting Activities book. Who doesn't love concoctions?

We have the Fractions version of this book and it's a winner. I figured I couldn't go wrong with division. Molecules is a repeat, but I have already shared it with a friend.

These Melssa Wiley books are the unabridged versions of her story of Martha and Charlotte- Laura Ingalls Wilder's great grandmother and grandmother. These are versions are no long published and I wish I could find the information on why on the author's website, but somehow it eludes me. Suffice it to say, the publisher wanted today's text shy youngsters to be able to read it easily. Sigh... the good news is that it appears I've gotten the first books in both series!

The science companion to the Math Book for Girls, I thought R10 might enjoy this one.

A peek at the style of activities in the Science Book for Girls! Looks like a fun cooking science lesson.

There are several living math books which I can't keep for long from the library it would seem. Perhaps other homeschoolers are always requesting them. When I saw The Number Devil, for a dollar, I decided it could come home with us.

We have done some latin and some french with some of the kids, but these Spanish resources called to me. The Usborne books of the first thousand words we have for English and French in sticker form. Which I think work well for an introduction to vocabulary. Right next to it, I found the work magnets with Spanish on one side and English on the other. Sounds like fun foreign language immersion to me!

I borrowed this one from the never know when you wanna try a little unschooling.

These books are out of print, but we'd been waiting on Kirsten's Cookbook. In the fall, I was able to pick up a nice copy of the Little House Cookbook. We only need one to complete the full collection- Josefina's cookbook.

After our trip to the vernal pool and bog, I thought we could use a more thorough field guide on reptiles and amphibians. Although we have a few, but I think this is the best one on reptiles.

We LOVE the book sale! I go on the first weekend when paperbacks like these are $1 and games are $3.50. However, the sale continues on two more weekends and the prices drop. I8 and R10 joined me this trip and they picked out some favorites too. We have a few series we always look to add to- the color collector's editions of Little House and Narnia books for one and I always hit the activity book sections. R10 came home with two doll house craft books one is Klutz and one is American Girl and she loves to make mini things. She was pretty excited.

We'll enjoy our new library additions while we wait until October! In the meantime, I recently hoed out two bookshelves to make room for these new ones. I know....that is pretty resourceful of me! I guess I realize I don't need to hoard all the books anymore. I can part with some.


Shannon C said...

Great finds! I'm a bit jealous! I need to go find me a library sale ASAP!

The Thinking Mothers: said...
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musicalmary said...

I love the book about Quilting Across the Curriculum.... I love book sales! GREAT FINDS!!

Blossom said...

What awesome finds!!I have that cookbook and use it regularly. I've had it for 14 years now :)

Sparklee said...

You certainly found some great stuff, and some great bargains! We love anything by Janice Van Cleave, and we have that division book, too.

That's the hardest part of a great book sale--finding a place to put the new books!

Toodlebugz said...

Congrats on the great finds.

Tracey said...

You did find some goodies. Lucky you!

SarahElisabeth said...

Wow, some excellent finds. I've never done this well in a library sale-must check the next dates at our next visit.

Jimmie said...

You got some good ones. And I love More With Less too. I left my copy in China and have already replaced it. I got mine via Bookmooch.

Julie said...

Love library book sales! Great haul! We had ours in February and I picked up many BFIAR/FIAR titles for .50 or $1. It's better than shopping for a new books!