Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring Co-op Night 2011

Our homeschool co-op is a large one but a simple structure- only two hours long with a 20 minute recess. We meet 10 Mondays from 1 until 3pm. It's always a good time. This semester I taught Survey of the American Girls II and Dan and I taught together The Physics of LEGO Robots. Dan has been teaching FLL skills/team at co-op for two years now. It's really fun that he can take the hour and a half from work and join us. I stop by campus and pick him up half way through co-op (during recess) and return him to work at the end of the session. Our homeschool co-op is the base for our FLL Team each year. We meet during co-op and then a whole lot outside of that time!

Here's a look at some of classes the kids took this spring:

J5 took "Meet the Orchestra" and learned all about different families of instruments and even make a lapbook. This was a class for K-2.

J5's other class was The Magic School Bus Returns and was another semester of Magic School Bus science for K-2. He LOVED this class!

R10 took my American Girl class, of course! But she also took a class called "EcoCrafts" taught by two teens. They did a terrific job (their moms were there too) and they got to make a variety of recycled crafts.

E12 took a class on Knights and came home with this notebook along with a sword and shield he'd made. His other class was the LEGO robot physics class.

The class was based on the book Raising a Modern Day Knight and had about 12 ten to thirteen yr old boys in there!
I8 took LEGO simple machines which is a precursor to the JrFLL team that I host in the fall. I'm hoping a new assistant coach has been born out of this little class!

This was another successful semester of co-op! We are eager for when we'll begin again in the fall.

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Mom Guide said...

Looks exciting! I like the concept of your co-op. We have similar thing and everyone loves it.