Monday, March 30, 2009

Math for Girls

I snagged some books from R8's gutter shelf so I could use them for box assignments. Among the craft magazines and American Girl books, I found this one- The Math Book for Girls (and Other Beings Who Count). I picked this up in the fall the library sale (wow- I still have to wait until May for more fun at the library sale. Sigh.).

Sections of the book include The Mathematics of You, Shape Up!, Party Math, and Math to the Rescue. It has specific problems and puzzles relating to real life math and you even get to meet women who use math in their careers. Pretty cool.

It appears that there is a Science Book for Girls and Technology for Girls Book if you enjoy this one.

You can find The Math Book for Girls at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Or maybe it will catch you by surprise at a used book sale!


jennybell said...

As a college student I used this as a topic for a paper in my Educational Psychology class. I had planned on being a high school math teacher until I realized I was scared of teenagers! Anyway, I had noticed there were only 2 other girls/women in my upper level math classes, and I think the main reason I picked math as a major was because of that. If "girls couldn't do math" I wanted to be one to prove them wrong :-)

stephguatmom said...

I love your blog Especially all the tips and ideas.

Jimmie said...

Cool. This is going on the wishlist.