Monday, July 16, 2007

Accomplishments in our littlest room

Here are the results for R7 and J2's room. We only put two gutters up next to her bed because there isn't more room with the window AND because her brother may decide to climb if we put any in other places. So, for now we'll stick with this and one day we'll move up the magazine rack from the school room which is just made for this space. One day when J2 moves in with the other boys that is!

R7 just loves to read now and don't these gutters make the perfect nightstand? Also, check out the American Girl dolls. Kirsten was birthday present (thanks Grandma and Grandpa) and Felicity is the result of a little saver girl who astounded us all when she had saved enough to buy her own when she combined it with her birthday cash. Way to go! Look for unit studies based on those two at some point in the future!

We just LOVE the peace that comes with organization!


my5wolfcubs said...

Beautiful -- refreshing, peaceful and just perfect. I love it!

Alana said...

Very beautiful Heather! Good job!!!

Family O'Foxes said...

I love the calm they have in their room and of course the COLOR.
purple is my favorite color!

Anonymous said...

Hi there - I hope you find this comment since this is an older post. Love your blog! How much weight will the gutter shelves hold?

Also - for your getting started series - I would be grateful for someone who encourages those of us who come to this late. Late in life, Late in their children's educational life. It's a little different for us. I can't be the only one!


Amber said...

Nice! Saw the gutter shelves first on Raising Olives a while back and ever since have wanted to find a way to do them. Maybe when we get settled into a new place... :)