Monday, July 16, 2007

AAH! My Desk and Other Mammoth Organization Nightmares

No wonder I can't work at my desk! Where is it anyway? This is my project for the week along with the bookshelves pictured below. I wonder what I will find there...I know there's completed school projects from this year. There's items taken away from J2 at school time. There's pens and pencils and stamps. I see a map of the US. I might have thought my long lost cell phone was in there, but I found that - finally in the bottom of a pool bag. I had it with me the whole time it was lost. Fear not, the cell phone industry is really in the business of making sure I'm never in need of a phone. I replaced it with a nice phone that all the kids are carrying these days! I suppose I could look cooler IF I was willing to actually PAY for a phone!

I did manage to get one new shelf organized on the bookcase over the weekend and R7 and I had a grand time out yesterday (see other post) and we stopped in Walmart for a plastic set of drawers. Now you can see the beginnings of a creation station for the kids. The drawers, so far, have colored cardstock for notebooking, plain recycled paper for planes and random art, stencils and rubbing plates, a blank drawer (TBD), and almost my favorite is the top drawer. The top drawer contains my pink stapler, my new 3 hole punch, and tape of all kinds. The cherry on top is the caddy. Formerly located on the school table, it is a Pampered Chef tool caddy sitting on a lazy susan. It holds pencils, various colored pencils, single hole punch, rulers, and scissors. Hopefully it will be able to contain itself over there rather than spewing its contents constantly onto the table top causing small children everywhere to complain about who is responsible and blaming others for the fall out.

Stay tuned for updates as I lay this nightmare to rest!

Welcome back world map! (we had taken it down to put up the white board)

The Creation Station

A work in progress...


Oney said...

OK. That does it! I'm going to get the rain gutters! I've thought about this move for a long time now, actually since the first post about rain gutter book shelves went up on the FIAR boards about 3 years ago!

Heather, thanks for the nudge and the pictures. Seeing the rain gutters in real time is great motivation!

Congrats on all your hard work de-cluttering and organizing. FREEDOM! May you continue to have the bee in your bonnet until the job is done.

my5wolfcubs said...

My desk has looked like that in the past...why doesn't this "stuff" have a home?!
:) Lee

Family O'Foxes said...

Oh Heather! My desk looks very similar! I'm the West Coast clutter bug and you are the East Coast clutter bug!