Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More Sewing Journal News

Some of you remember that R10 keeps a Sewing Journal. I've not been assigning a lot to her in it lately because of our work with WriteShop beta testing, but it is still around and I do have her write in it. She's also not been as speedy with the finished sewing projects and that is some of the content of her journal. I thought maybe you'd like an update.

Contrary to normal journaling etiquette, I do correct her spelling in this one. Mainly because it's going to be a keep sake item some day and I wanted this to be part of her spelling work. When I see an incorrect word (after she has self-edited), I mark it and put the correct spelling in the front as part of a personal "spelling dictionary" she can refer to.

Many times I just ask her to go and write about something having to do with sewing and this particular day she chose to share some fabric samples from her collection. She rarely dates her entries which sorta bugs me, but hey...it's her journal not mine! She does date some of the time so that will be nice in the future.

I hosted a recent stamp show for a friend of mine and we acquired this little set! We have fun plans for it in the card making and journal cover world, but R10 decided to try them out in her journal.

This is a great way for R10 to do some writing and it's a really nice way for her to record all the creations she has worked on over time. She's been doing a lot of dress design recently and I have yet to report on some fashion shows we attended together with a friend. So distressing not to be able to take pictures of the wonderful garments we saw, but Grandma to the rescue! She gave me a great idea for a picture to accompany the post and I will set R10 to work today. Between that assignment (which involves art) and adding some entries to her journal about the show, we'll get things caught up to date.


Toodlebugz said...

This is so cute and what a great idea. I have always tried to photo my sewing projects. It is amazing how you forget what you have made & the lessons learned from each project.Thanks for the inspiration.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

This is a great idea for notebooking! I think my daughter would have enjoyed keeping a sewing journal...

Heather said...

Thanks ladies...the sewing journal has taken us miles in the writing department!

We do a lot of sewing math as well.