Friday, May 6, 2011

Civil War Ball 2011

Some of you may recall last year's Civil War Ball...this year it was back by popular demand! They had well over 70 people in attendance for the gala event hosted by our local LEAH (Loving Education at Home) group. LEAH is NY State's Christian homeschooling association. Dan and E12 went last year (dads are in high demand so there enough boys for dancing!) and they had a grand time. So, of course I signed them up again this year! What a difference a year makes for an adolescent, but E12 is a good sport and he danced well all evening. These two are well versed in the Virginia Reel and other period dances. We also upped the ante on our costuming for the event.

At our homeschool co-op this semester there was a class offered called Civil War Ball Gowns and the girls taking the class made some really fabulous ball gowns with an authentic pattern. At co-op night (two days after the ball), they did a fashion show in which the telling of the gown making was just wonderful! (great job Lisa!). So, without further ado...the ball!
Dan is wearing a leather vest and black dress pants with ribbon tie and for the ultimate effect, his grandfather's pocket watch- shined and in perfect working order. Is he handsome or what??
E12 is in that picture with Dan, but I split the photo in accordance with Blog, She Wrote picture posting rules. E12 is wearing navy blue corduroy both his dress pants and his vest with a black ribbon tie. He would love a pocket watch!

Gowns and hoops! At the fashion show we learned that doorways of old were big to accommodate the 5 foot diameter of a hoop!

More dancing and milling...aren't those gowns fun?
On the home front, R10 and her friend were once again disappointed that they could not attend the ball. I invited a friend over who had one daughter going and one daughter too young as well. As soon as pictures were taken and the kids and their dads were sent off, I suggested to the girls they sketch some designs for next year's ball gowns. Yes! They will finally be old enough! They skipped the sketches and went right for the designs on the dress forms. A post to come for sure!

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