Monday, March 28, 2011

4-H: Fizzy Science

Our 4H presentation season is all over! But I neglected to share some more story with you. This is J5's poster for his talk on "Fizzy Science". He did an amazing job of demonstrating what happens when you dissolve citric acid in water and add baking soda to it.

He said all the right things and at the end fielded questions. He was a pro! He's been watching the other kids to this for years and was delighted it was finally his turn as well. As a Cloverbud he did this just one time, but it's captured on video! I wonder what he'll do next year.

It's been a great season and I8 is already considering what he talk about next year- an illustrated talk on Daniel Boone is in the running although something on World War II is a close second at the moment. He has some time to work that out. In the meantime, I'll be sharing the results of the district round of talks for E12 and R10 soon! (need a few more pictures to make it right)


Toodlebugz said...

Great post. I was wondering how you like Lion prep now that you are doing it. I want to order it and have contacted them but wondered if you looked at FUFI before purchasing? Also have you used the Praire Primer or anything like it? I am still looking into starting us on that unit study road next school year. I would love to meet you and pick your brain. Ever thought about a field trip to Erie?

Heather said...

Erie, PA? Hmmm...that's about four hours from us! We've never been that direction.

I have the Prairie Primer and I did look at FUFI. Based on my experience with the Prairie Primer and the example pages from FUFI looking very similar to the PP, I decided to go with Lion Prep.

I want to love the PP. Unfortunately, it is really a giant outline of the series and does not offer a rich experience- IMO. That does not mean you would not like it. However, after using FIAR and BYFIAR, I am spoiled.

I still use the PP, but I have to do a fair amount of work to make it something that is friendly for our family. I did not want to do that with FUFI.

Lion Prep is more specific with rich ideas for study. It is simple in its design and offers more than "write a report on horses" for assignments.

Feel free to ask more questions.