Tuesday, March 29, 2011


E12 did his 4H Public Presentation on how to build and program with the LEGO NXT kit. He did a fantastic job of showing the different components that come in a kit and he demonstrated how to program a robot he'd built. This year's season began in February and he progressed (along with R10) to the district level which was held this past Saturday.

His poster was pretty clean in design.
The robot- a design from one of his Mindstorms books

He went with double sided foam core board- the first year we used the tri-fold which folded up too much. These are  much nicer for the easel- a free tip for you!
A screen shot of the program he used to demonstrate the touch sensor on his robot. He projected the laptop image onto a screen and demonstrated how to use the drag and drop software to program the robot.

Both of the kids wanted to achieve district level this year and they both got there! R10, of course, was did her demonstration on How to Make a Drawstring Bag. I'm happy to report they both earned blue ribbons! Due to budget issues, there is no State Level competition this year which is frustrating for so many, but because they earned blue ribbons they can choose to do these presentations at the NY State Fair as a general exhibit.

Congratulations to all of our kids for a job very well done! They are already looking forward to next year.

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