Friday, March 25, 2011

Lentil: Lemon Bars

Of all the lemon things offered as recipes with Lentil, we went with the lemon bars to go with our bbq chicken and baked beans. J5 had a great time along with his sister R10 as she assisted.

Sifting the ingredients- flour and confectioners sugar I believe.

J5 was tasked with finding the pastry blender. As you can see, he made the correct choice.

He got to cut in the butter. I hear real pastry chefs do this part with their fingers. I'm afraid I am not that dedicated. This pastry blender is a Pampered Chef one which has been really sturdy.

Blending the wet ingredients.

And adding the dry ingredients

Each of the stories has a recipe page and the original cookbook left room for you to include pictures and thoughts about each recipe.

The cookbook is only available digitally these days. Check it out in the FIAR digital store. The link is below!

My kids love to cook and bake! Now that they are all a bit older, I'm taking total advantage of this fact. The FIAR cookbook lets us enjoy recipes that go with our studies.

The results: Well everyone enjoyed them. I think they could have been more lemony. If I were to make them again, I'd definitely go with real lemons instead of lemon juice. Also, this recipe has an absolutely sinful amount of sugar in it! Wow. But hey...everyone said they tasted great. Great job to our young chefs!


Dawn said...

We just love FIAR. I hope to do Lentil next year. What yummy bars.

Kisha said...

Seems like your kids know their way around the kitchen. Good job! My kids are not fans of lemon desserts. I found that out the hard way since we just made Lemon Icebox Pie for Higgins Bend. Oh well...