Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Treasures: Sewing Machine

R10 is the proud owner of a new-to-her sewing machine! Thanks goes out to our personal shopper (you know who you are!) for helping me to pick out just the right machine for our budding seamstress! Introducing the Bernette 82e which is an electronic machine. R10 can control the needle with a button on the front of the machine along with the speed and the needle position. She noticed right away that no matter when she stopped the needle was always in the upright position. She is already at home with machine is also a Bernette though mine is older obviously and has the precursor to the drop in bobbin. This one drops in!

It's just perfect! We bought a refurbished machine and I feel pretty good about it should it need servicing and I can have mine tuned up at the same shop.

We set it up Christmas evening and she used it to sew two drawstring bags and two pillows before leaving the next day.
She has fallen in love with it and was missing it the week we were away! Stay tuned for some updates on Miss Bliss and some more sewing news here. I helped her to reorganize her art desk yesterday and very soon we'll post the new pictures of her secret lair to share with you all. She is so excited to have a machine in her own space where she can enjoy the creative process without making a mess in our "office" area- Dan has less patience for fabric and notions all over his man cave (computer desk area) than I do in my secret lair!


Tracey said...

That is awesome! You can see how happy she is. Good luck with your new sewing machine Miss Bliss!

pinkim said...

Wow! This is sooo cool!! I looks so pretty! I can see how excited you are Missy,
Love Aunt Kim

Diane said...

What a great Christmas present. I am envious, my machine is broken and old and would love a new one to start quiltint again. Not very good with sewing garments, but willing to give it a try. Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful items she will make.