Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Treasures: Frontier Kit

Now that we are slowly getting back into a routine, I have some time to blog and share some of our Christmas Treasures with you. I8 has been into pioneer living/frontier adventuring for some time now. His big gift was the Frontier Craft Pack from The Corps of Re-Discovery. We even added a replica of Davy Crockett's Old Betsy rifle to his collection.

This stuff is so cool! It's all real leather and the raccoon tails are real! J5 received the same pistol and a raccoon tail to attach to the cap I've already started to make.

I8 has requested help with this one, but the string is a waxed thin string that is easy to work with. His grandparents gave him a leather stamping kit as well. He's pretty excited.
This was a big hit and other than nearly leaving it at the post office through Christmas (due to a failed delivery to our home), it went off without a hitch! Now we're having a good time making the coin bag with the fringe.

All the kids are excited to revisit Lewis and Clark in the spring and follow their dreams to the west coast. We are looking at following the unit study at the end of the Trail Guide to US Geography in which we'll read The Captain's Dog. So, I8's Year of Adventure continues and he is now well outfitted for the journey!

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