Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Treasure: Science Kits

J5 loves to figure things out and observe things. So, he was the recipient of some fun science/mechanical oriented items. Among them, a few Myth Busters kits. His brothers also cut up the rest of some C-PVC pipe from a recent plumbing project to give to J5.

C-PVC pipes and joints for J5 to configure. He's also really good at making different sounds with them. I turned this picture around...I really did, but here it is misbehaving. I'm ok with it.

Once this kit was opened he popped the directions open and made himself a marshmallow shooter. This is a kit on air pressure. He has the Forces of Flight as well.
 He's been having a good time and we get a lot of good old fashioned science fun in because of him!


Berry Patch said...

My nephew got a BUNCH of these and one of my sons got one as well. I think they look like fun! ;-)

Natasha said...

It does look like a great thing for an imaginative and inquisitive child.. i may have to get one for my nephew.

Beth said...

This looks like fun. Maybe I will get one for my son, although I think I might actually enjoy it more than him :-)