Monday, January 24, 2011

California Rolls!

For Christmas Dan gave me a kit full of the non-perishable items needed to make California Rolls. What a great gift. Two weeks ago he succeeded in making his first batch. They were heavenly! He has since made them once more and we have just enough of the "crab" meat to make another batch say around Valentine's Day. Sushi can be expensive, but if you are willing to take the time you can do it much cheaper at home. Our two rice loving kids got to help out and they had a great time.

The stuff you need- he went to several stores (including an oriental market) and ended up getting everything at Wegmans!

Sushi rice- made with a particular type of rice along with rice vinegar and a few other things.

The first one laid out on the bamboo mat...

You flip it over and sprinkle with roasted sesame seeds- and they make a difference!

It took him a bit to get the hang of rolling them, but he's pretty good now. His second batch looked really handsome.

Do these look amazing or WHAT?

Oh man were these good! When I was little my mom had a Japanese friend and whenever we visited with her, she made the best food. These "rice rolls" as I called them were amazing and I use to eat my weight in them I'm pretty sure. Of course, Dan knew this and since he loves to eat Sushi and I go along for the ride and get California rolls, he came up with this fun gift idea. We used Alton Brown's recipe and it is really, super yummy. You can never go wrong with Alton. Seriously.

Thanks Dan!

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Michele said...

Justin and I love California rolls. We have a Chinese buffet that has a sushi bar with many varities of sushi!
The rice in your picture is our favorite rice! I just picked up a 20 lb bag at our local H Mart (Asian market) along with lots of Laver to make sushi! YUM!