Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Science and Art

J5 took two co-op classes as well. He enjoyed Art with the Masters and Magic School Bus science. He had a grand time in both classes. He loves science and is always figuring things out. This boy is an engineer in his soul. Nothing is safe around him because he always wants to figure out how something works and we live with the idea that he wants to take things apart to find out if he's right!

Art with the Masters was based on the Usborne Art Treasury book

This is on of J5's creations. Every Monday he would tell us at dinner about his art class and he would tell us what he did, but he couldn't remember the artist's name. He would describe the art and based on his description, I'd guess the artist. Then he'd go, "Yes!" I guess I know my art.

In Magic School Bus Science the kids got to explore science with the kids on the bus and Ms. Frizzle. For the record, I have a number of Ms. Frizzle outfits- particularly for when we dissected frogs in the classroom! When they did germs, they grew some things on a petri dish. Boy when he saw more growth at home, he took off running to put the dish under the microscope! What a great kid!

Both classes were perfect for him. All the kids had a great time. This post concludes my reporting on this semester's co-op. We start up again in February and go through May. It's nice to have the time off, but all of us will look forward to a bit of company come February!


dina said...

great to hear that he has enjoyed the classes and is settling in.

Tracey said...

J5, I am glad you enjoyed your classes. You did some nice artwork and your science class sounded like a lot of fun.