Wednesday, December 8, 2010

One Small Square Co-op Class

I8 took a co-op class called One Small Square. The class was based on the book series One Small Square which gives kids a detailed look at all the living creatures within a "small" square of land. The books are wonderfully illustrated and show details of the habitats one layer at a time. What a great idea for a co-op class! 

Each student kept a nature journal and they even had some homework to observe things in their own backyard for six days.

They shared samples of the things they'd found around the church during co-op class time.

The teacher even shared a white moth that we come across often and learned that we shouldn't touch them! I know J5 has given this caterpillar a ride on many occasions. Thankfully, he did not rub his eyes afterward...that could have been a problem!
I8 really enjoyed this class and the teacher was excellent! They went outdoors every week and once even took a hike in the snow in late October/early November. They collected sample and studied the nature right around them.

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Tracey said...

I8, this looks like a lot of fun!