Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Leaves in Oil Pastel and Ink

During Thanksgiving week I had the kids make these great leaf collages by overlapping a leaf template and tracing around it with black marker. The project idea came from Art Projects for Kids. I love Kathy's work and her blog is one of my favorites from which to get ideas. They got to blend warm colors with oil pastels on the leaves. After the leaves were done, they used cool color pastels to color and blend in the background. The results were pretty striking and made for a great display in our frames.

Love to see our leftie at work!

We started by making some templates and then the kids traced in pencil followed by black marker. come markers aren't magic anymore?

Our pastel of choice this evening- we do have some others, but Crayolas are nice and smooth

Not bad for a five year old!

We started this project just about at bed time- I have little idea why! But J5 gave meticulous a whole new meaning during this process! He actually had the best coverage and blending of all the kids. Next post I'll show you. As a result of this project, J5 now knows what meticulous means and wields this word impressively.

My kids love to do art with the possible exception of E12 who is quite left brained and finds art very effort-ful. We press on with him though and his results with this project were quite good.

Now I'm thinking ahead to what Christmas themed art we can put in the frames. I have a few ideas!


Anonymous said...

Love this! Actually anything to do with leaves! Looking forward to your Christmas ideas!

Deb said...

How do you like working with the Crayola Oil Paint thingamajigs? Do they get on the clothes? I think my 4 and 6 year olds would love these, but I am not trying to do a bunch of laundry or clean up a huge mess. Are they really okay for young kids?