Sunday, December 19, 2010

Little Ninos Pizzeria- Art Focus

J5 and I8 have been doing a FIAR study of Little Ninos Pizzeria. We are taking a break for the Christmas holiday for the next two weeks, but I will report on what we've done so far. The illustrations in the book are reminiscent of the artist Henry Matisse so we took a look at some more of his work.

This Usborne Art Treasury has a lot of fun projects inside based on the work of various art masters. In fact, J5 already knew about Henry Matisse from his Art with the Masters class at co-op.

We learned that Matisse was a painter who began to collage with bright colors as he became ill and could not see well. When we start up again in January, we'll do the project associated with Matisse.
We also have the Usborne Book of Art to use as a reference. Sure enough we found another famous collage called The Snail.

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