Friday, December 17, 2010

Craft Fair

R10 was invited to put a few things in her sewing co-op's craft fair tomorrow. So, she's been working on a couple of projects. First, a needle book from the Klutz book Simple Sewing and a colored pencil roll we threw together. She's been doing a great job. I'm so proud of her!

These are the needle book insides. She picked some cute color schemes!

The outside- she sewed the ribbon to one felt piece first and then hand stitched them together.

She's been working on some rolls for colored pencils as well. We didn't have felt on a roll so she improvised with regular felt squares. She did a great job measuring out the slats for the pencils and stitching all those seams.
She started Miss Bliss last summer when a Klutz fashion book told about making your own fashion label. Miss Bliss was born complete with a graphic.

I asked her to make a new little label on paper and this is what she created. So, I scanned it in and duplicated them small with her own little email on the back. We attached them this evening with prices on the back when we set up at the sale this evening. 

As a result of all this work and the completion of her graphic design of Miss Bliss, I thought it would be fun to put a button up on this blog linking to a page about her work, but then it seemed like more fun to let her begin her own blog. So, hop on over to Miss Bliss to see her latest designs and tutorials.


Anonymous said...

"So, hop on over to Miss Bliss to see her latest designs and tutorials."

So, how DO we hop over to Miss Bliss?

Heather said...

Well the Miss Bliss is a link in that sentence Anon.

So, click the word Miss Bliss and fly on over!