Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Crafting

I've been working on a few crafty items this season. One of them is this garland. I first found this idea at The Homespun Heart. Every year I also make our Christmas cards which are shaping up. The kids have been helping with some watercolor painting.

The garland features the names of Jesus.
We packaged it for gift giving using a fun little canister.

You can adjust where the names are on the garland.

R10 has also been working on some Christmas crafting. She was invited to sell a few things at a local craft fair being sponsored by her sewing co-op. She's preparing just a few things, but it has produced some Miss Bliss tags complete with an email and I even created a little blog for her to share what she is making. Stay tuned for more on that once we go over some guidelines. While I was setting that up for her, I inadvertently changed my own profile so I had to make a new one. Check out the updated me!

Happy Christmas Crafting!


Your dh said...

I hope Betsy doesn't read your blog before you give her that gift, or it will ruin the surprise!

Heather said...

already gave it to her! I was afraid that she wouldn't have any decorations since she gave us the tree stand!

Michele said...

Love it! We made our Names of Jesus garland a couple of years ago! We hang it every year!
I love the idea of making them and giving them away!

Stephanie said...

These are beautiful! I'm going to see if I have time to make these. What did you do to add the little color edging around the white circle? I think its adds a nice finishing touch.

Heather said...

Stephanie- I used a sponge to dab onto the ink pad and just brushed it along the edges.


shineliketheSon said...

I LOVE that idea! And the packaging! I can even use my cricut which has been lonely these days since my sewing machine has been out!

Heather said...

Oh fun...a Cricut. Don't have one of those!

Carpenters said...

What a great idea. R10 is quite enterprising and creative. I'll add the garland to my to craft wish list. Thanks for sharing.