Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Crafting Success!

R10's little debut at the sewing co-op craft fair this past weekend was a success! I am certain she will be blogging all about it, but I can't just stop reporting on her sewing adventures here on Blog, She Wrote. Last year she made mouse sets for a MOPS Christmas brunch, but at 9yrs old it was too much for her I think. This was just right and she enjoyed it immensely! The good news is that she sold all three needle books and all but on of the colored pencil rolls. She's super proud and it's given her a real boost. Congratulations R10!

materials for the colored pencil roll- she picked a great color for little boys

pinning all the pieces together- with the ribbon that will be the tie

How cute is this pattern? R10 made all of her things from repurposed fabric and stuff we just had on hand.

Here she is in my Secret Lair working at my sewing machine. It's a Bernette which is a Bernina machine.

Currently, she is working on a set of beanbags for a former teacher co-worker of mine who has a little music school. We'll be sure to share pictures of the end result of that. We get to investigate different sounds made my various fillers!

Way to go R10!


Kisha said...

She's getting really good with that machine! Go R10! I'm inspired by how much energy you spend helping your kids develop their hobbies and interests.

Heather said...

Thank you Kisha! I do try...