Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Reading Made Easy

J5 is on lesson 18 of Reading Made Easy. He is picking it up fast and furious with no need for review thus far. We'd be much further along if I had been pushing for everyday lessons. Now that kindergarten is well underway, we've doing this every day. However, he is eager to point out all the words he knows and tries to sound out everything in sight!
We use the cards to review the different word endings. Reading Made Easy also uses visual cues to remind kids of the different sounds.

He also has a daily sentence that he reads and forms with cards.
Then he writes a sentence and draws a picture to go with it.

Reading Made Easy is the BEST program! It's gentle and consistent and easy to implement. It's been a great fit for all of the kids I've used it with (E12 had no program...we just did books and he started reading) despite their very different learning styles.

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