Monday, November 1, 2010

An Apple Pie Notebook

Here's a look at J5's Apple Pie notebook. He is a proud kindergartner let me just say!

We read and talked about the life cycle of an apple tree. He dictated to me how apple trees grow and added some of his own facts.

J5 is excited to tell anyone where he traveled and in or on what! He told me what each of these was and where they were going.

More destination cards with dictated labels

This is the page of his salt experiment which he dictated to me and then opposite that one is a page where he dictated to me some apple facts and I typed them into StartWrite. I wrote them in yellow again for him to trace (think dotted line letters) but with older students, I have them write out the sentences on their own. More on this method coming up in a HOTM post soon.

He asked for the map of Vermont. Our kids love maps. He helped me label it and then colored it. He glued the pictures of the shopping list down and then told me what each of them is. Then he traced my yellow letters. Tried and true method when I'm teaching a student to write.

We have some of those apple pie pictures to add in, but over all this unit is tidied up. He has already done the cover page of his next unit: Pumpkins! Stay tuned for more kindergarten news.


Kisha said...

He did such a great job! It makes all the difference in the world when kids are motivated to learn.

Tracey said...

J5, you are doing an excellent job!