Saturday, November 20, 2010

Daily Routines

For readers who have been asking about our daily routine, here you go! First, you should know that we are more the relaxed set of homeschoolers and though I'm a very structured classroom teacher, I am not at all that way in my homeschooling. One of my Hall of Fame Posts is a Day in the Life kind of post. You can see here how we did things when we had a full-fledged toddler in residence. Things are easier now that our youngest is five. Five!

Last spring I put this together and it's worked pretty well. I had to back off from the workboxes because they were too controlling on our day...but as you can see in recent posts, they are working more for US now rather than the opposite. That is not to say workboxes are all bad! Some families are thriving with them and that is wonderful. They were just too rigid for our homeschool goals. I am more comfortable with how we use them at this point. They still allow us to be creative and spontaneous which is a requirement at our house! At the same time, they help me to stay focused along with this "routine".

This is the first draft of last spring's grid- I still have it hanging next to my desk and it's missing LA! Guess I need to replace it with the below. Tweaked it based on my notes there.
Keep in mind this is a "routine". I purposely do not have times on the grid. It is a framework we use to do our work. It's pretty self explanatory I think. We don't do all of everything every day. That should make some of you feel better! One thing I love about this weekly routine is that if we get behind or we have to go out unexpectedly, I just pick up where we left off. So, if one morning gets shortened and miss the history lesson, I don't cram it in the next day. I leave it for the next scheduled day. If that makes sense.

I also listed our our daily and weekly chores. Say...if you see something up here that is obviously missing let me know! For example, if washing curtains is on your weekly list, you won't find it on mine. What else would you do weekly?!

I like the idea of using this to keep the pattern of our day consistent. I've tried times and times make me crazy, but I can do the pattern. Feel free to check out our official Weekly Routine document below. I have it colored so that I can easily tell meal times and the morning, afternoon, and evening batched items. Feel free to ask more questions if I've left anything unanswered!

Weekly Schedule                                                              


Our Father's Heartbeat said...

Thank you, Heather! These kinds of posts are just priceless for moms like me who are trying to figure out how on earth people homeschool.

Many blessings,
Joanna (in Vancouver, Canada)

Heather said...

You are very welcome Joanna!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Heather, so generous of you to share this. Couple of questions...

(1)I see you do Lang. Arts daily.... how do you divide it up into daily doses (ie., # spelling lessions per week, # grammar lessons per week, copywork, etc.) .... I think I'm trying to cover almost all LA almost daily = burnout.

(2) In your morning Jump Start (love the name) what are your 'history of the day' and your 'geography drill'?

(3) I have read previous posts on Quest of the Day... any more ideas on doing that with younger kids (5 and 7)? Mine would love it, I'm trying to think how to make it as independent as possible (R7 reads well).

Thanks for your willingness to share... maybe you should start billing for consultant services!


Heather said...

Thanks for the comments and questions Jenn! I will address them in the next couple of days via posts so thanks for the posting ideas!


Anonymous said...

Heather, thought of more stuff...

What is your method of then planning specific activities for each 'slot' of the day (which math game on Monday, what LA activity each day) etc.?

You gave me an idea from previous posts: I've made a 'Tinkering' workbox for R7 (inspired by Gever Tulley's book 'Fifty Dangerous Things...'; Tulley's Tinkering School, and other resources) contains stuff and instructions for simple projects (balloon-rocket powered LEGO car, table-top trebuche)... we'll se how it goes.

Thanks Heather, have a good Thanksgiving.


Heather said...

Jenn- the tinkering box sound very cool! I'd like to hear more about that.

I've just listed out your questions and I'm going to get to them starting tomorrow. :)