Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Aftermath...

Another fun-filled semester of co-op is complete. I taught a JrFLL class and an American Girl class. Dan taught the FLL class. Last night was Co-op Night when everyone is gathered together to show off displays and to perform new skills. More on this later...such a great semester!

For now just know that I had no less than 6 bins of LEGOS in my van along with stacks of American Girl projects and displays. Two of them were large drawers...about 2ft by 3ft...without lids.

I had taken out most of the stuff into the building for classes and to set up, but when I left to get Dan for the second hour I pulled out and heard a spectacular, "Phssshhhhh!"

The drawer was empty when I started my task. Spectacular indeed!

Thinking I had finished the job, I shook out the mats underneath the former mess...and heard, "Tink, Clinkity!" So, that led to this little discovery among others. It was trying its hardest to be stealth. but I found him! And oh yes...he would be missed!

So, now you know what I've been doing today. Now that co-op stuff is out of my van, I have room for a turkey and his friends the side dish ingredients. I'm off to the store!

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