Friday, November 19, 2010

Sewing Rooms: Doll House Style

We are continuing on slowly with our Year of the Doll House. We attended a doll house show in late August and had a great time seeing all the fun houses and ideas. I thought sure I had posted about that, but as I went to link it, I see that it's not there...hmmm. I may have to post it again! In the meantime, trust me, we had a grand time seeing all kinds of houses and getting ideas.

Any house of R10's will need a sewing room! Here are some ideas we have so far...

R10's house which underwent a major renovation almost three years ago now. It was constructed so that it could handle Barbie furniture as well- when she was 2. The Barbie thing never took so we are back to doll house families!
How cute is this sewing room? I love the fabric stash. We have an idea for putting that together.

This house had a spinning wheel- we love the fabric basket!
This was a nice little room with shelves for the fabric. It's an attic room like R10's. 

A close up of R10's sewing room- we are still working on the sewing machine and we'll have to get the dress form too.
I've been on the look out for a doll house sewing machine that is more modern, but most of them are too pricey for our folly. So, now I'm going to see about making our own. We can make a nice machine out of Sculpey I think and set it on a table in her house. The old fashioned models are lovely and R10 has used a hand crank machine herself at her sewing co-op (which she really enjoyed using!), however the furniture is not in the same style as the rest of the house.

Anyone else still pursuing doll house fun? Tell us about it!


Diane Hurst said...

Hi, that's quite a large dollhouse! My daughter(13)is making one. This was her own idea; she was trying to think of a project that would be fun to do, and went online and found a pattern (at This pattern allows all the pieces to be cut out of one piece of 4'x8' plywood. She went with her dad to the local building supply store, and were even able to get it sawn into pieces right at the store. She has sanded boards and painted some, and is ready to cut out windows and doors. I'm just glad she has a project she wants to do. She works on it at various times during the day, in breaks between schoolwork, or later in the afternoon. By the way, she has made sure we know she is not making it for herself (as she is a teen, and not playing with dolls anymore)-- she is planning to build it for her young nieces, or else to give to a local group that works with needy families. That said, I know she's going to have a lot of fun making and decorating it, even if not actually playing with it!

Heather said...

That sounds terrific Diane! Has she ever read The Doll People? It's about an intergenerational doll house...she might want to begin a legacy!


Anonymous said...

It's so very narrow! How did that ever work for Barbie furniture?

Heather said...

Barbie furniture is narrow too! and tall.

Stuff just leaned up against the back which then was open so we had some extra room.

It worked well actually.


Heather said...

One more note about the narrowness of the house. Wider would be better of course!

But, R10's room is about 8 x 8 ft and this house fits perfectly. She really couldn't have one that sticks out more because of space.

I think even she would agree she wouldn't want to sacrifice her art desk for the space for a bigger house. ; )