Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Year of the Dollhouse - The Journal Adventure

As promised, here is the first post on The Year of the Dollhouse- The Journal Adventure. We've just been getting started the past few weeks. R10 has been setting up house and we went on a field trip which I will share next (almost forgot!). The idea is to just have a chance to talk about keeping house while being creative and connecting through journaling. So far, it's been quite fun and it's just getting going.

The journal- a dollar store original she helped to pick out. We write back and forth leaving it in places where the other will find it. We don't make a huge deal about, but it's been meaningful so far.

The sewing room which is upstairs in the attic. She's all set with the ironing board, the Cheval mirror and a trunk (which I'm certain will have loads of fabric in it!). We need to be on the lookout for a sewing machine and dress form. Notice the dress laid out on the trunk.

Today she pointed me to the baby's room. Such a sweet nursery for the dolls.

R10 has been really excited to do this and the last time I pulled out her old dollhouse things, she didn't want them all but now she does. I used to give them to her every so often in our first round of The Year of the Dollhouse, but this time I gave her the whole box. Some furniture is inherited from my niece (the Fisher Price dollhouse from the mid-90s). That same niece is heading to college tomorrow. Wow. (have a good trip Kim!) Some of the furniture we bought new for this house. R10 has had this dollhouse since she was 2 and it's undergone some renovation that she helped with during Year of the Dollhouse Part 1.

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I caught your article at HOTM, thanks for the insight for using the journal for a communication and imagination tool. I left a lenghty comment at HOTM. Thanks again, :)

Heather said...

Thanks Joyce!