Friday, August 13, 2010

Sewing School

Some happenings in the sewing school world are below. R10 has a sewing camp coming up at the end of August. She has a really good time at this little refashioning co-op and we are so delighted to have a mentoring woman from our church who volunteers there. Makes the experience all the more pleasant for R!

R10 has been busying trying to create. One day recently she pinned this little number on her dress form with I8's help. He is dying to sew, but I'm not so sure I'm up for it!

Recently I acquired this little gem- Sew Serendipity. I thought we could use it to design some of our own fashions using the basic design and patterns. R10 really likes the original drawings so I think this will be fun for her whether we take on the patterns for her or for her dolls...I'd even love a few of these skirts and dresses.

While at the co-op shop this week, I picked up a $2 copy of this fabulous book- Bend the Rules Sewing. R10 has been reading through it and helped to give our sewing machine a little once over. It's in need of an official tune up I think and the first time I think I'll take it to the Bernina shop, but we changed out the needle and made sure our thread was threaded in the machine correctly and voila! A well-behaved sewing machine.

While at the shop, we found lots of fabric for a nominal price (looking through the 50 cent and quarter bins!) and we are ready for Operation Sassy Beanbag (making beanbags for a music teacher friend of mine) and other fun projects. That blue flowered fabric I bought earlier and there is a skirt just begging to made from that.

The boys picked out their space type fabric for R10 to make them a drawstring bag. She's already started.
Here we go...the first bag in process. This one is narrow because of the scrap nature of the fabric piece. Still lots of fun.

R10 will have plenty to work on this sewing season. We are looking forward to her creations.


Kristina said...

Fascinating! I will keep checking back to see how the sewing is coming. I am the master of sewing straight lines, but other than that, sewing and I are not the best of friends, lol.
I saw your link on Angie Smith's link up and just HAD to click :-)
Miss talking to you!

Anonymous said...

I have made quite a few of the creations in that book. Have fun sewing!