Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Journal the Adventure

My new post is up over at Heart of the Matter this morning...It's called Journaling the Adventure and it's about how each of my kids and I are embarking on a journey together (each child has his/her own adventure). I'll be blogging here about our progress with more details on the adventures each child has chosen. Read below for an introduction to our project.

Recently, as I was planning some school time with my daughter, I decided it would be fun to bring back The Year of the Dollhouse. Perhaps some of you know about my blogging friend Lynn and her idea to play and make a homemade dollhouse with her daughter everyday for a year a few years ago now. My daughter was 7 then and we did make some renovations to her house and did some playing, but it faded away. As I thought about what would make this school year special, I asked her if she thought doing another Year of the Dollhouse might sound fun. Now that she’s 10 my plan is to teach some home making skills through our creating and playing at the dollhouse. I pulled out a journal and began some dialogue with her. The journal is for us to plan and talk about our activities with the dollhouse and she loves it. Grammar correction is off limits in our journal allowing her to be free to communicate with me without a critique. Read more...


Yunia said...

I need to do something like that with my daughter - Love your blog and all of the homeschooling ideas and tips you give - I am now your newest follower


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Heather said...

Thanks Yunia! Welcome to blog, she wrote!