Thursday, August 26, 2010

On the Way to the State Fair

E11's Truth about New York game is on it's way to the New York State Fair! Congratulations E11! (he had three entries in the county fair this year...which uhoh! I failed to report on this year...better take care of that. All three got blue ribbons, but the game got a State Fair purple ribbon!)

He created this game as an assignment of his choice during our study of The Little Red Lighthouse and The Great Gray Bridge. The original version of the game was really nice, but he figured that typing up the various cards and making them look more trim was a good bet.

He spent a lot of time redoing his cards on the computer after figuring out what he wanted and I helped him cover a mouse trap game box to house his game. He decorated everything with NY stickers. See the results of his hard work below.

The Box- He even put a picture of the set up game on the front. I purchased the stickers when I bought the Bare Books game things.

Check out the deed cards. The first ones were done by hand and this really sharpened up the game's image.

Don't these look nice? E11 remembered to give credit where credit is due and these were all from Wikimedia so the are public domain.

Really nice improvement cards. you can see the difference if you click on the original game.

Every thing looks tidy. E11 worked really hard on this game all tolled.
It displays at the State Fair this coming week. No matter how it does at fair, E11 can be really proud. He did his best work on this game. We are planning to take a trip up there mid-week to see how it does. This is the first time any of the kids have advanced on to state fair. E11 is pretty excited.


Deb said...

That looks AMAZING! Seriously. I hope he wins.

Nancy Ann said...

What an EXCELLENT job!!

The Smith Family said...

E11 did a great job!!!

Tracey said...

Great job E!! but that is no surprise. You always do a great job!

Valerie said...

That is so great! We'll look for his game in between our multiple visits to the dairy building for 25 cent chocolate milk! :)

Heather said...

Cool Valerie! Thanks

School for Us said...

I loved the game when you posted it and love it now! I know we'd buy a copy. :-) I hope he does great at the State Fair, but you are right... he should be proud no matter what. He's done a wonderful job!

Jennifer said...

Awesome job!