Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beach Vacation #2

Last week we spent most of it on the eastern shore of Lake Ontario. I'm always amazed at the immenseness of the Great Lakes. I didn't grow up near any of these lakes and I've really only seen Lake Ontario which is the smallest. So, I imagine the others are so much bigger and even more amazing!

You can almost pretend you are at the ocean...but there is no salt smell in the air.

We took a day trip to Kingston, Ontario in Canada. We took two from Cape Vincent in the US to Wolfe Island in Canada and then another larger ferry to Kingston from Wolfe Island. Cape Vincent is at the entrance to the St. Lawrence Seaway on Lake Ontario. I have yet to see any ocean going vessels on their way to the Atlantic. What is up with that?

The first place we visited were the Kingston Locks on the Rideau Canal which goes from Kingston to Ottawa. It was really fun to watch them fill and unfill.
We saw boats going in both directions and one of the families with us got a ride through a lock in a boat. That bridge up there pivots around when the lock is being filled. Very cool to watch!
This is the larger ferry which goes between Kingston and Wolfe Island.

Back at the campground, we tie dyed tshirts with the kids (we were camping with two other families), played on the beach and rided bikes.

This was our second trip this season to Lake Ontario. The first was last month to our favorite spot on the southern shore. Our camping season is essentially over, but we have one last trip to take this weekend (thought it's not a camping trip).

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