Friday, June 18, 2010

The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

I know I've referenced "the play" several times over the last while. R10 tried out for a part in our homeschool group's co-op production of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe this past winter. She is, of course, our artsy girl and she wanted to be a part of the play. She was casted as The White Stag and a member of the witch's army.

The play had a homebase at our homeschool co-op this spring and they had extra rehearsals. On toward the end, it was very busy with many hours of rehearsals. We definitely learned a thing or two about doing a large play as part of co-op, but in the end the performances were very well received. Dan just finished putting together the DVD for the families- fun menus and all. He took the cast pictures so I thought I'd share R10's with you- face smudgies intentional!

The White Stag was the absolute best role for our sweet girl! Her free spirit was shining through as she galloped across stage and down through the audience.

She had to go back and forth between this hag and the white stag- she had a line for her witch's army role. She taunted Aslan with the line, "Pussy cat, pussy cat. Hello stupid pussy cat. How many mice have you caught today?" Endearing, isn't it? Makes a mama proud.
The set- not sure what's up with my camera lens, but here you can see the direct difference between our Canon Digital Rebel and our Sony Cybershot cameras. Just can't beat the quality of the digital SLR...
She had the BEST time doing this play- at least with the dramatic roles and a chance to be on stage. R10 has done some dance with a ballet company. She's dabbled in gymnastics. But she's never wanted to return to either of those. Now she can add theater to her repertoire and I know she'll jump at the chance to do drama again. For now, she will continue with her design and sewing passion.

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Diane said...

Bitten by the acting bug happens often. Our daughter loves being on stage. She was in four performances last year and is working with the community theater right now on The Wizard of Oz. It does tend to take up alot of your time, but if they have a passion for it, it is so worth it.