Friday, June 18, 2010


Ever since acquiring his orienteering compass, I8 has been dying to hit the trails. Last Friday afternoon, he got his chance. Though we were busy running between activities, the Lab of Ornithology happened to lie between a couple of them. So, we stopped in to take a look. It was much too brief of a time, but we did it and we promised to return- which we already have.

Consulting the map- on our return trip I8 insists on having his own and I think I will laminate it for him so he can adventure without worrying about ripping it.

Checking out a muskrat or beaver with his new binoculars- we purchased a bird watcher's kit from Home Science Tools. I'd love to link you right there, but it seems it's not available anymore. I will link you to the things that came in it though at the end of this post.

J5 shows off his orienteering compass. I have such photo-cooperative kids. They know the Creative Memories pictures get full smiles and direct looks and if I say "blog picture now" they turn their heads or otherwise hide their faces. Cute stuff.
Bird Watcher's Kit:
Orienteering Compass- both boys wanted this thing badly and let me just tell you the squeals that came from I8 when he saw Home Science Tools on his birthday He is definitely our child!

Courtesy of their grandparents, J5 could hardly keep himself together for three days till he ended up with one of his own. And Dan thought it wasn't the greatest idea for a gift. Every good boy needs a good compass.

And you better believe they can use them!

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