Wednesday, June 16, 2010

J5's Play Dough Party

J5 had a play dough party on Sunday and a good time was had by all the boys who came. We didn't have the great weather we'd had at the first two parties, but when all molding and cake eating was done, we sent everyone outside and they all dug into the sandbox and had fun on the tree swing.

Round two of the ice cream cake!

The play dough station awaits- complete with the take home bags full of tools and cans of play dough. We had planned to make our own scented play dough, but you gotta know when enough is enough. I'd had...well enough.

Other gifts of note:
  • Fizzy Foamy Science
  • Mind Blowing Science
  • orienteering compass
  • sand toys and a mesh bag for the beach!
  • bubble stuff galore- so much so that we have a special bubble station so he can stop killing grass. And yes...the homemade stuff is killing our grass too. Yikes!
  • One Small Square Backyard
  • the mega pack of Sculpey- can you tell this kid likes to mold DAILY??
So, that's three of four kid birthdays all within the first ten days of June. Everyone had a special day (they open our presents and choose a birthday meal) and a special party. No share-sies! And at least they occur in birth order. That worked out nicely I think.

We will now officially enter cake withdrawal. soon as the second ice cream has been eaten. Ahem.

We now return to regularly scheduled blog posts!

1 comment:

Tracey said...

What? Heather you did not make your own playdoh! Shocking!

That is a lot of cake even for me, and I love cake.

So many birthdays in a row to have parties for but it looks like you pulled it off, and they all looked unique to each child and fun.