Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Birthday I8!

June 7th is I8's birthday! We love this guy we call I-Man!

  • is always ready for adventure
  • loves to play games
  • has the biggest blue eyes
  • is a leftie
  • has a great smile with one dimple
  • loves all things boy
  • is not too boy to enjoy a good little house book now and then- he recognizes a good adventure when he sees one.
  • loves to navigate and has put his new orienteering compass to work several times already.
  • loves to read to us aloud and it is a pleasure to hear him read (it's my favorite past time when I wash dishes)
  • is very talented at PlayStation. Some of you have heard before that he inherited "the gift" from his dad a video gaming child of the 80s.
  • loves to ask questions...he is very inquisitive!
  • lives up to his namesake and makes us laugh often.
Happy Birthday I8! We love you very much!

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