Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Birthday J5!

Yes! We do have another birthday today! Happy Birthday J5!! What makes J5 special? Let's see:
  • He has an infectious laugh
  • His nickname is stunt boy and his favorite shirt says, "I do all my own stunts." He earns it.
  • He's smart as a whip and loves to figure stuff out- he studies things to figure out how it makes things happen and when he figures it out, he tells you ALL about it.
  • He opened up his new play dough tool and said, "Mommy look! An auger!"
  • He got crazy excited upon opening his new science kits- he's our boy!
  • He is our most strong-will child. Perhaps not a favorite quality of mine, but it does make him special around here!
  • He has a smile that can melt your heart! Which is perhaps why he has a naughty streak- it's hard to stay upset at a boy who (after he drenches himself outside without permission) smiles at you the way he does...he turns into a sweet, simply ornery boy. What can I say?
  • He loves nature! He can tell you a million things about the things all around him. When he hears a bird call, he'll stop and tell you which bird made the call.
  • He gives great squeezy hugs.
  • He still has to have a kiss for every boo boo. Love that and I love that the kiss still makes the crying stop!
  • He has the cutest freckle nose EVER!
  • Like all of our boys, he's a cuddle bug.
So, happy birthday J5! We love you so much and our family would just not be the same without you!


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kim wright said...

I think I remember that he tells a great story too...Aunt Kim

Heather said...

Kim he does have lots of stories!