Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Few More Finds!

Of course I found plenty at the sale too. I'm always on lookout for books on my wish list that are cheaper. I found several this time which leaves more room to buy things at full price when I can't find them! I even found several of the kids' birthday wish list items so that is a real bonus! We have three June birthdays on the horizon so this is a score!

Drawing with Children is a very popular art book out in the homeschooling world. This is not the current edition, but I'm ok with that. It was on my acquisition list for the coming year.

This is another copy of our favorite US atlas. I thought we could pass it on to a friend, but the kids insisted on keeping a second copy. Can you tell they don't share well at map time?

These are two great finds! The Usborne book is a cardboard model book which the kids will enjoy making. Knights and Castles is a Kaleidoscope kids book which I can hardly believe the library wanted to ditch. Both are excellent additions to our homeschool.

R9 spotted this Borderline game. She loves the world edition we have so Africa will be a lot of fun. It's missing the maps that come with the game, but I think we'll be ok without it.
For our little nature boy some fun activities and for our biggest almanac buff some fun cards. These are not a trifle in the store so getting them for .75 totally rocks!

Puzzles and a fun game on current events for kids. E11 will really enjoy that one.

Orienteering is a fun thing and this geography book had a lot of great activities. A super find at $1.50 for both resources.

We found these really cool minute mystery cards the kids have been playing them non-stop since I brought them home.

I collect animal cards for classification purposes. This is a really cute memory game.
Not pictured here, because I squirreled them away are these items for upcoming birthdays:
  • The American Boy's Handy Book- R9 has the girl version and she loves it! So, this is another one I had on the birthday list for I7 because he is such an adventurer. I took both copies- one for the older brother as well.
  • The Young Astronomer by DK Publishing- part of I7's space adventure kit for his birthday
Thanks for coming along on my shopping spree. Until October...

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What a haul!