Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Book Sale- Kids' Choice

It's that time of year again! Every May and October the largest county library has a book sale. I used to get excited about the Scholastic Warehouse sales, but I haven't been to one in years. This library book sale is quite fruitful and always worth the effort to wait in line on the first morning. This year I had an all day scrapbooking event on the first day so I went in the afternoon on Mother's Day with two eager children in tow.

R9 and I7 love the book sale. I7 had been waiting for weeks for this event and it finally arrived! He was on the hunt for a particular Magic Treehouse Book that we don't own and the full color collector's editions of The Chronicles of Narnia. R9 likes to look for American Girl books (we often find the out of print variety in this venue) and craft books. I always look for full color collector's editions of the Little House books along with homeschooling items of the best kind. I never leave disappointed. Here are the kids' spoils of the day. They each had $5 to spend. Children's paper backs were .75 that day and games and hardbacks were $3. Each day of the sale, the price goes down.

A new paper airplane book for I7. This swan plane was made during a recent reading of The Trumpet of the Swan.

R9 found this one and decided she liked the recipes. I agreed to help her make them.
Her other choices were a fun American Girl book, a big craft book (she carefully screens them to make sure they are worthwhile) and a street rhyme book. Remember our jump rope time?

We scored two Narnia titles in the Harper Collins collector's edition! We have all but maybe one now. We did not find any Little House books in the same printing. Maybe next time...
They had such a great time shopping and we all look forward to that great find...


Anonymous said...

What Magic Tree House book is he looking for? I come across those quite often at the thrift store.


Heather said...

He would love to have Season of the's one of the last in the series so far I think. : )