Sunday, January 3, 2010

Angus Lost

We are going to start 2010 with Angus Lost by Marjorie Flack as our first Before Five in a Row of the year. This was one of I7's favorites so I'm sure he'll enjoy revisiting this title with J4.

Angus Lost is about a dog who ventures out beyond his yard when he follows his curiosity. Eventually he gets lost and spends the night in a cave. The next morning he finds his way home by following the milk wagon.

J4 and I will be discussing:
  • curiosity and safety
  • silhouettes- this will be a fantastic review of our art project from Cranberry Thanksgiving (post coming soon believe it or not!)
  • dogs
  • milk- I have pictures of an antique milk wagon from our field trip to Luray Caverns a few years ago.
  • animals- those we meet in the story and a review of others using our classification game.
  • caves- J4 and I will build a cave and hang out in there talking about what we can find in caves.
Perhaps even more exciting is the opportunity to involve the older kids in J4's Before Five in a Row study. With students in all three levels of Five in a Row, I look for the chance for the kids to work together and encourage each other in their studies.

As you know, I've also been interested in doing earth science with the kids this year in a purposeful way. So, we will start with CAVES!! In another post, I will share how we are going to explore caves as a family sharing resources and ideas as well as our earth science notebook.


Michelle said...

Okay, I just know I am going to have fun looking through all your old posts! Thanks for sharing ~ this is an inspiration to me. =)

The Popes said...

I am about to order our B4FIAR . Do you recommend buying the book set or trying to find them at thrift stores?? I keep going back and forth! I do know I want to own all the books, I just can't decide.