Sunday, December 27, 2009

Advent 2009

The Advent "wreath"- dollar store candles and next year I think I'll add some greens so you'll be more wreath-like.

Our Advent calendar, made by my mother in law, is an Advent staple. Throughout the four weeks of Advent, the kids pull out a part of the Christmas Story to put on the flannel section at the top. This week all the big deal players have come out to play. Mary and Joseph have showed up and now we await only baby Jesus himself!

We had to hit the special reserve field for our Douglas Fir from the tree farm- in the pouring rain we walked and walked to finally find a tree we all liked. I think we are about to become those people who get their tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. Last year we missed the chance the first weekend of December, don't remember why now but we had to hunt in the dark late one afternoon/early evening. This year Dan and I were sick and then sick again and missed the chance. We leave for the week between the holidays so we like to have our tree early to enjoy it. When we get home, we'll strip it and kick it to the curb! Anyway, we finally had our day and it rained. Blah.

Dan takes Christmas tree slaying very seriously.

We baked Christmas cookies using some vintage cookie cutters- and new ones too.

Cut out cookies are a favorite. Dan likes to bake with the kids.
Our Advent was somewhat wobbly this year because Dan and I getting sick and the van going crazy. We sort of fell behind and I definitely had trouble getting in all the fun things that I thought would be fun.

We did spend a lot of time talking about the birth of Jesus and answering all kinds of questions about it and the what was going on at the time. We are still looking forward to completely our Jesus Garland during the remaining portion of the 12 Days of Christmas. Liturgically, the season of Christmas really does last 12 days and ends on The Epiphany which is when the church year celebrates the arrival of the Kings to see the baby Jesus.

So, if you are like me and Advent got away from you, take advantage of the next 9 days of the Christmas season. We are away visiting with our families, but when we return home we'll still have time to finish the garland and prepare for the 3 Wiseman.

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