Wednesday, January 6, 2010

TOS Crew Review: Worship Guitar Class

Over the last month or more we were given the opportunity to review and keep the Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class Volume 1. E11 is a beginner guitar student, so this was a fun way to give him some variety in his lessons.

I enjoyed the format of having a teacher via video. The set came with the DVD and a song booklet with the music. The DVD includes:
  • an introduction
  • parts of the guitar
  • tuning a guitar
  • lessons on various chords with the chance to play a long by switching cords.
The first song he learned was "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands".

The cost for the DVD is $24.95 for each of the four levels or $99.80 for all of them. If you purchase the set of 4, then you get $40 worth of bonus ebooks.

Overall, I think the concept is terrific. Ms. Welles shows the viewer how to tune a guitar and goes over the vocabulary and she begins with two simple chords. I think this has a lot of potential as a method of instruction for anyone who wants to learn guitar without paying for lessons or committing their schedule to lessons.

E11 found it frustrating that she goes so fast. He had trouble tuning his guitar with her because she doesn't spend enough time waiting for the viewer to tune after she plays. In the series of guitar books he started with, he's been learning individual notes to pick on the guitar. So, he had trouble with the chords and was frustrated that she kept moving on so quickly. We paused the DVD, but it was not easy to do and have the disk be in a position to review the chord again and again.

I think this program has value if you are looking for an introduction to playing guitar without leaving home and committing lots of resources to the endeavor. In that case, Worship Guitar Class is very appealing.

We are always looking for ways to fuel our childrens' interest and passions at a low cost in resources- be it time or money or both for our family. Worship Guitar Class is a wonderful option for a budding guitarist.

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