Friday, January 22, 2010

10 Days in Europe

E11 received this game as a Christmas present...I mean you know we'd have to round out our collection. We started with Africa, added Asia, and now we have Europe!

You get around Europe by plane and by boat across the various seas. Planes can only get you from country to country when the colors match. This series of games is a fun way to concentrate on the geography of particular continents. It's not a difficult game, but it's new every time depending on the cards you pick.

We are still missing the United States and of course The Americas is coming out in June. It'll be fun to see that one when it is released.

We have other geography games as well- that might be a fun post. What geography games do you have at your house?


TOSHeidi said...

What a neat looking game. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to look for this one.

Rendla said...

We have Great States and Great States Jr. My oldest is five so we haven't done much geography other than planets, continents, and the USA.

We he gets ready for them I'll look up these games too.


Anonymous said...

Where on earth do you store all of these games? We don't play games nearly as much as your family, but all the same, I feel like I am BURSTING at the seams with games.

Do tell.


Heather said...

Well we have a closet full and a shelf in our playroom that is around the perimeter of the room near the ceiling. Plus, the kids' closets have a few.

You know...around.

School for Us said...

We bought this game after seeing your reviews of the others in this series. We just got it in Thursday and played it on Friday. We both really enjoyed it!!! We recently learned all of the European countries using Seterra, so this is a great review and a good 'logic' game!

Nancy Ann said...

We have the geography game Explore Photo Safari. It has a really nice looking board with a map of the world. There are pictures of animals in various places around the world. They have cards to answer questions about the animals and to find where they come from on the board.