Thursday, October 29, 2009

10 Days in Africa

If you are a regular reader, then you know we are a gaming family! E11 really loves a good game and since his love language is quality time, he seeks to play often. When I was at the MOPS Int'l Convention in Nashville they, of course, had a huge vendor hall and it was full of stuff you could buy for your kids and for parenting in general. On one of my excursions into the vast rows of booths, I found one full of games. I thought it would be fun to bring home a new game for the kids as sort of a souvenir from my time away.

I decided it was time to try out the 10 Days series of games and chose Africa for our first one. This is just a great map, isn't it?

You have to arrange a trip through Africa that will take 10 Days- there is room for 10 cards on the holders. There are rules about how you get around which make it challenging.
There are several other games in the same series that play similarly but each have their own twist such as different forms of transportation and a different way to play them. I'm looking forward to adding one at the holidays for example. It's a fun way to get familiar with world geography though they do make a US version as well.

Other games in the series:


livingwaterhomeschool said...

Oh cool, my son would LOVE that! Thanks for posting, now to decide which to get. He's been studying Europe in homeschool, but I think doing the US one might be a good one to really get familiar with the states.

Ticia said...

I've heard so many awesome things about these games. Would a preschooler be able to play or would it be too frustrating?

Heather said...

It would be hard for a preschooler to play the game by the rules.

However, I could think of a few fun made up games you could probably do with a younger child.

Laurie Westmoreland said...

Heather it would be nice to see some of the made up games. :)